Spring cleaning is a common concept in our culture and is hugely beneficial on so many levels. In yoga we often talk about non-attachment, aparigraha, whether it be to physical objects or emotions. However the truth is, most of us have quite a few material possessions these days and it’s very hard to completely detach from that desire for things. We embrace yogic concepts but we don’t live completely yogic lifestyles in the traditional sense.

One concrete exercise we can do to reconnect to this concept of non-grasping is to regularly purge and recycle excess material possessions. Use this act of Spring cleaning as an opportunity to examine your attachment to your belongings. Where do you place the most worth? It’s great to have pieces of clothes, jewelry, pottery or books  that you love and cherish. It’s the rest of the stuff that you don’t cherish that needs to go! When you’re able to let go of the things that you don’t need or truly love, it’s so freeing.

Even though these are items on the physical level, you can use this to symbolize a greater letting go. Simplifying your life by whittling down your wardrobe or cleaning your living space will allow you more mental space to become evermore expansive.

Another beautiful side effect of Spring cleaning is you get to pass on the things you don’t need anymore to someone who may actually need them. The things that have been going unused or unworn can be enjoyed by someone new!  

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