Persimmon Goat Cheese Toasts

      I adapted this recipe from the Persimmon Bruschetta on Food52. I decided to use a tangier cheese to juxtapose the sweet persimmons we got in our CSA box this week. My parents were on their way up to visit so I made this as an appetizer to have when they arrived. Not surprisingly, they had stopped at a winery and were toting a chilled white that went perfectly with the toasts. They were a hit, I’m probably going to have to make more tonight.

      • 1 persimmon
      • 1 cup goat cheese/bleu cheese (i made half with goat cheese and half with bleu cheese.
      • 3 sprigs rosemary
      • 2 sprigs thyme
      • 2 tbsp honey
      • slivered almonds
      • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
      • 8 slices of nice crusty bread
      1. slice persimmon, bread and rosemary
      2. spread goat cheese or bleu cheese on each piece of bread
      3. put persimmon slices on top of cheese then sprinkle herbs and almonds over
      4. drizzle balsamic vinegar and honey over top and put under the broiler until bread turns golden and cheese starts to melt

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