Overnight Oats Without a Recipe and Follow Me!

This is a blog post I wrote for an online Journalism class that I’m taking. My blog is about local produce, particularly pertaining to here in San Luis Obispo. Whoever gets the most views to their blog doesn’t have to take the final next week so please take a gander! https://slocalblog.wordpress.com

Overnight oats are an easy way to ensure that you’ll have a delicious, balanced breakfast when you’re on the go. It only takes two simple steps you can make this versatile breakfast.

night: mix equal parts liquid (milk, almond milk, coconut water) and oats -1/3 cup each serves one

in the morning: add whatever sweetener (honey or sugar) and fixins you feel like (inspiration below)


  • add sea salt and honey
  • add balsamic, cracked black pepper and strawberries
  • use coconut milk as a base and add shredded coconut and dried mango
  • add raspberry jam and ricotta or Greek yogurt
  • mix in cinnamon, cocoa powder and crushed hazelnuts
  • mix in raspberries and pistachios
  • add almond butter for a creamier version
  • use cardamom, cloves and cinnamon for a chai taste
  • any assortment of your favorite fresh, dried or frozen fruit and nuts or seeds


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