summer bulgur-heirloom tomato salad

I started this blog when I was 20 (or so) and I was heavily focused on cooking/eating as my creative outlet. It has occurred to me that as I approach my 25th trip around the sun, my focus has shifted. Don’t get me wrong, I still LUV 2 EAT. But I also spend a lot of time practicing and teaching yoga and nourishing my body and mind in different ways. This website will still primarily revolve around recipes and food (I think) but I want it to evolve along with me so I am about to unleash some new pages; How to Make Kombucha, Simple Yoga Stretches, Favorite Playlists and Podcasts, etc., etc. Truly an exciting time, if you have any suggestions drop me a line!

For cooking inspo check out my Recipes of the Week page, for my teaching schedule and weekly intentions check out my Yoga page.

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