How to Make Kombucha


what you’ll need:

  • 8 tea bags (green or black, I use green)
  • 16 cups of filtered water
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 gallon glass container
  • 4 glass jars
  • 1 unflavored kombucha from the store
  1. to form a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), buy an unflavored kombucha from the store, I used GT’s, it’s the blue one
  2. pour 2 cups of the kombucha into a bowl and cover with a dishtowel so no bugs can get in, but air still can. set in a cool, dark place and let sit for seven days. at this point a disc should have formed, it looks kinda like a jellyfish
  3. if someone gives you a SCOBY or you buy one somewhere that’s cool too
  4. from here, retain 2 cups of the unflavored kombucha (so you will still need to buy one even if you obtained your SCOBY from another source), put it in the gallon glass container that you’re going to use to ferment your booch. add the SCOBY too.         **make sure your container is CLEAN
  5. boil 16 cups of filtered water then add 8 teabags and 1 cup of white sugar
  6. let cool, this takes a while! you can remove the tea bags when it looks nice and saturated, like a strong cup of tea. I like to save the tea bags and use them throughout the week
  7. when the big batch of tea has cooled add that into the 1 gallon glass container and you’re all set! cover with a cloth that again, doesn’t let in any critters but does let in some oxygen. store in a cool, dry place and wait about two weeks. the process will go faster when the weather is hotter and slower when the weather is cooler
  8. TWO WEEKS LATER – when it starts to smell slightly vinegary it’s ready! you can bottle and drink as is, or you can flavor your bottles with fruit and spices. I like to use my vitamix to blend up whatever fruit we have on hand and usually some ginger root to spice it up. some people like to filter their juice so that their kombucha is clear and pure but we don’t mind a little pulp so I don’t filter our juice
  9. place SCOBY in a bowl and clean any weird stuff off of it gently, it’s important not to tear any holes in it
  10. keep two cups of kombucha from the previous batch in a cup or bowl
  11. start making your big batch of tea (16 cups boiled filtered water, 8 tea bags, 1 cup sugar), and let it cool
  12. disperse the prepared batch from your 1 gallon glass container into 4 glass jars (or more if your bottles are smaller), I like to use a fine mesh colander here to strain out any weird stuff
  13. add a couple tablespoons of your fruit juice to each jar, gently shake, then refrigerate the bottles and enjoy at your leisure!

*stay tuned for a video tutorial!*

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