Something that I speak about often in my classes is this idea of trusting in your intuition/the universe. I think I talk about it so much because it’s something that I’m constantly trying to work on myself. My Capricorn tendencies guide me towards overanalyzing and trying to plan for everything.  I saw this quote the other day from @spiritdaughter that said “Flowing will get you places that forcing never could,” that sparked my intention for this week. This is so relevant in our yoga practice and in life, your practice off the mat.

In asana, the physical practice of yoga, if you try to muscle your way into a new pose or into a deeper expression, your body will actually tighten up, doing just the opposite. It’s only through relaxing and breathing that you are able to go deeper and find new limits, maybe moving into a pose you didn’t think was even possible for you. It’s a beautiful metaphor for life off your mat as well. If you are able to let go and ‘go with the flow’ so to speak, opportunities often present themselves that you otherwise may not have been open to. In order to let go you have to trust the universe which I know sounds a  little corny and woowoo but if you can start to develop this level of trust and belief that things are going to work out just the way they should, little miracles will start to pop up all around you. Part of this is just recognizing and having gratitude for all of the small miracles that are already present in your life.

Another element to this trust concept is Divine Timing. We live in an outcome driven society and it’s easy to get caught up in when things will happen or how they will unfold. I’ve been noticing this a lot especially with beginners in my yoga classes. They get frustrated after a couple of weeks of doing a certain pose or a certain transition without noticeable improvement. However there are subtle shifts happening all the time. Yoga takes time and repetition, that’s why it’s called a practice. It also takes that balance of effort and ease (sthira/sukha, yin/yang). So this relates back to the intention because of course you have to put effort in to achieve things but you also have to find that level of letting go and surrendering to what will be.

When you take time to quiet your mind through meditation, yoga, walking, writing or whatever it is that makes you feel at peace, you are able to step out of the way so that your intuition can come through. Most of us move through life with our egos guiding the way, constantly chattering and telling us what we should do. Developing these practices to begin to recognize what that egoic mind sounds like and learning to shush it every now and then, gives us the clarity to tap in to what we know on a soul level.

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